Scout's Honor Bandana Club - Rob Wilson's "Dog Bark Park"

$8.00 $16.00

Scout's Honor Bandana Club will release a new bandana each month featuring a different artist or designer. Stay tuned each month to see who will be featured next.

$5 from every bandana purchase will go towards Saving Hope Foundation, whose mission is to end animal abuse and neglect by addressing dog and cat overpopulation in our community through an aggressive spay and neuter campaign, with supporting education, transport, and adoption programs. 

This month's artist features Texas-born artist Rob Wilson. Known for his use of black lines and flat colors, and his love of animals, Wilson is the first to contribute artwork to the project. The scarf bears a menagerie of pups on a USA made 100% cotton bandana.


**We've had such a positive response to the first design that we have decided to reprint another round. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and the high demand for PPE products from our bandana manufacturer, there will be a delay for these orders, but we promise to get them out asap. Thank you for your understanding!  Love, Scout