Scout's Honor Bandana Club - Jon Chapman's "Burn Both Ends"

$8.00 $16.00

This month's artist is Jon Chapman, designer and creator of Brokenstraw Co.   

Born out of the legendary Johnny Appleseed's good-will and generous spirit, Jon's goal is to "Spread the Seeds of Good Design". This month's bandana features a dripping candle being burned at both ends, signifying a never-ending, and often times exhaustive dedication to one's passion; in his case, it's a dedication to building distinct brands and illustration.

Recently, he and his partner Sarah established Preuve, a boutique creative agency who helped us design and launch our new website. 

Scout's Honor Bandana Club will release a new bandana each month featuring a different artist or designer. Stay tuned each month to see who will be featured next.

$5 from every bandana purchase will go towards Saving Hope Foundation, whose mission is to end animal abuse and neglect by addressing dog and cat overpopulation in our community through an aggressive spay and neuter campaign, with supporting education, transport, and adoption programs.